How the Changing Seasons Affect Your Skin



How the Changing Seasons Affect Your Skin

We are in autumn, but the winter months are just around the corner. With the colder months on their way, dry skin is coming along side it. After the cold months, the spring and summer set in and so does the oil and sweat. Your skin has to constantly adapt to the changing temperatures and weather and sometimes it needs some help.

Cooler Months

During the fall and winter months, your skin tends to get dull and dry because the lack of moisture in the air. This is when heavier creams and serums come into play to restore moisture and to add a healthy glow. At Liza Glickman Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we offer a recovery balm that uses replenishing compounds and antioxidants that help the skin retain moisture. Before we add all those products to our face, we need to prep the skin, so it can absorb everything properly and that’s when Chemical Peeling that we offer would come in perfectly. Our Chemical Peels strip the face of dead and damaged skin from the surface and it addresses skin conditions from hyperpigmentation to acne scatting to enlarged pores. Your skin will be a blank canvas to just pamper. It will bounce back and thank you for it.

Warmer Months

Summer brings humidity and heat which causes the skin to excrete extra sweat and oil. The reason skin excretes extra oil is because the sun dries your skin and it compensates by excreting more oil. This is when you transition to a lighter moisturizer to avoid clogging the pores. Dermaplaning and chemical peels that Liza offers will prepare your skin for the sun and heat and tanning that will go down for those few months. Dermaplaning is when Liza would use a scalpel like tool called a dermatome that is feathered across the face to remove dead skin and create a natural glow. Another important skin care product to add your morning routine would be sunscreen. Sunscreen is so important to avoid aging, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and in general sun damage. We offer sunscreens in SPF 30 and SPF 50+. We even offer a sunscreen that acts as a tinted moisturizer to protect your skin and look great doing it.

With the changing of seasons, come new skin regimens and easy procedures that we can offer here at Liza Glickman Medical Aesthetic Clinic. We make it possible for you to look amazing every season of the year. Liza is here to help you to look like the best version of yourself.

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