Fix Those Post Liposuction Skin Irregularities



Fix Those Post Liposuction Irregularities

Plastic surgeons don’t really advertise the skin irregularities that come after the liposuction procedure. People expect smooth, tight stomachs but what liposuction did was suck out the fat cells but didn’t tighten the skin.

Liposuction is one of the most performed cosmetic treatments in the country with over 240,000 procedures done in 2017. The process is using a suction like medical instrument and permanently sucking out the fat cells in a desired area. The only way to maintain the results of the procedure is to live a healthy lifestyle. Other issues that arise after the treatment is skin irregularities. After liposuction, there could be dimpling or pockets in the skin or uneven texture that are similar to cellulite.

There are several reasons that this dimpling and uneven texture happens after a procedure you thought would leave you looking smooth and toned. The surgeon could have taken out the fat too fast and when they suck out the cells from patients with poor skin elasticity. What the procedure does is such out the fat cells but doesn’t solve the outer skin issues that one has.

Some of the ways to fix these issues are to perform a tummy tuck or fat injections or non-invasive body sculpting. But going under the knife again can be traumatizing for the body. Here at the Liza Glickman Medical Aesthetics clinic we offer VelaShape Body Sculpting which is the #1 FDA approved non-invasive body sculpting technique.

VelaShape can be used to tighten and tone the skin in the desired area that liposuction left all lumpy. It offers less discomfort and no downtime with lasting results. It uses vacuum technology to manipulate the skin and let infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency to heat fat cells to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin which will provide an improvement skin structure and texture. VelaShape can even reduce cellulite and offers more inches off in the desired areas. It is the perfect treatment for the texture issues and unhappiness after that liposuction procedure.

Here at the Liza Glickman Medical Aesthetics Clinic we can help you reach your desired results to have you be the best you possible! Call us at 407-881-3603 to schedule a free VelaShape consultation to plan an individualized course of action!


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