How to Fix Your Skin After all the Holiday Indulgences



How to Fix Your Skin After all the Holiday Indulgences

When Thanksgiving and the holidays come around there is a lot of traveling and drinking and sugary and salty foods. Those things can be brutal for your skin and can cause dryness and breakouts. A few things can be done to fix your skin when it has gone off the deep end.


Drinking lots of green tea is a great way to detox because it’s anti-inflammatory. It will fight against all those cookies and pies that you ate and will fight against the skin inflammation they cause. Green tea also has detoxing properties where it will cleanse the body of all that sugar.

Drinking water is also a wonderful alternative. Water is the number one easiest way to cleanse the body of all of the toxins we put into our body during the holidays. A tip for the next big holiday party is to drink a lot more water than usual 48 to 72 hours after to dilute all that sugar and salt and alcohol and so the skin won’t react so roughly.

Spot-treating pimples

To solve the problem with those pesky pimples, do your research on a good spot treatment that has 2 percent salicylic acid. That will help get rid of the pimple in a quick fashion like it was never there.

Switch up your skin-care routine

The best way to combat the dryness that comes from all the traveling and change of scenery and even the dry winter air is to apply a good moisturizing mask or get a moisturizing facial done. That will pack your skin will all the moisture it lost over the wild time period. Another good tip is to get a deep cleansing and moisturizing facial before all the traveling eating to prepare. Here at Liza Glickman Medical Aesthetics Clinic we offer European facials that deeply cleanse the pores and address dull skin. Each facial is personalized for your skin care needs and can even address specific skin issues such as rosacea and melasma and they stimulate cell renewal.

The holidays are an amazing time because we get to spend time with family and eat amazing food and we get to indulge ourselves. All those indulgences can cause the body to go haywire but here are some tips that will make sure that your skin will glow during and after the festivities. Schedule an appointment with us and we can see how we can prep or fix your skin this holiday season! Call us at 407-881-3603!


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