Molly Sims’ Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed!



See how this famous actress & model keeps her skin in tip-top shape!

The beautiful supermodel, Molly Sims, is sharing a behind the scenes look at her facial treatments that are her secret to avoiding aging!

The 44 year old star is no different than most women when she admits that fighting aging is no easy task. She says she has no regrets when it comes to the cosmetic procedures she’s done. She attributes that to the extensive research she does beforehand on the treatments and doctors she trusts. 

In order to always stay red carpet ready, she swears by monthly facials whether she is in New York or LA. Twice a year she goes in for a peel that she says has “made a huge difference” in keeping her skin in the best shape.

Regardless of her A-list status, she still admits to skincare complaints throughout the years, mentioning how her lack of sunscreen and prevention in her 20’s led to a wrinkle obsession in her 30’s, to which she adds her 40’s have made her much calmer but also a huge fan of her monthly facials and treatmentsMicroblading is one beauty regimen she has yet to try but claims to be ready to jump on board with!

Although she says plastic surgery isn’t off the table in the future, she would prefer to stick with her non-invasive treatments and skincare routine as long as she can!

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