There is a New Microneedling Trend that Doctors are Warning Against



There is a New Microneedling Trend that Doctors are Warning Against

There is a procedure being offered in a New York City aesthetics clinic that combines microneedling and BB cream called BB Glo. It uses microneedling to insert semi-permanent BB cream into the skin that lasts six months to a year.

The process is the same as microneedling which is rolling tiny needles across the skin. A normal microneedling treatment would entail that the needles increase the skin’s production of collagen and elastin but also simultaneously injecting the skin with a serum that sets deeper into the skin. Asihe Balic, which is the co-founder of Glo Skin & Laser where the BB Glo procedure is done, inserts the makeup one millimeter into the skin and entire procedure takes a total of three hours. Two treatments cost $400.

The results are perfect skin with even skin tone and hyperpigmentation gone and no flaws. And since it is semi-permanent it won’t wash out in the shower.

This treatment is extremely experimental. It is not even approved by the FDA and the pigment that is used isn’t even made in the United States and Glo Skin & Laser has to import it from Moscow.

Dermatologist Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin advises against this procedure. “There are many unknowns about these inks and particles will interact with the skin,” says Levin. The risks of just microneedling include swelling and redness and scarring and infection and bruising. Now we are talking about inserting a semi-permanent foundation which also adds allergic reaction or skin infection or granulomas, a type of scar, to the list of serious risks. We don’t know the long-term effects of this procedure.

Here at Liza Glickman Medical Aesthetics Clinic, we offer other procedures that don’t involve needles or penetrating the skin. We offer the skin treatment eMatrix which helps fight the same problems and not artificially. eMatrix offers a long-term solution to the hyperpigmentation and even skin tone that the BB Glo would temporarily fix. eMatrix also fixes other skin issues like fine line and wrinkles and acne scars. As a treatment, it offers how to fix the skin of all these issues in a way that will make the skin glow barefaced. We also offer other skin treatments that improve skin texture and address issues like hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Our dermaplaning procedure and European facials address your specific skin care issues.

We are here to offer you amazing results that are FDA approved and are tried and true in making you look your best. Call us to schedule a free consultation at 407-881-3603 to pinpoint the exact treatment perfect for you!


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