Legs for Days: Make Spider Veins Disappear



Legs for Days: Make Spider Veins Disappear


Networking is important and can influence your life in a myriad of positive ways, but a network of spider-veins is not what many people wish to collaborate with. Most women, unfortunately, will suffer from visible leg veins, or Spider Veins from the age of 25. Today it is expected that nine out of 10 women can suffer anything from a small web of veins to enlarged varicose veins which can lead to pain and discomfort if they are not treated properly. However, more and more treatments are being discovered to rid the appearance of these veins for good.


Spider Veins, as pesky as they can be are not necessarily there to bug you! These visible veins are doing more good than harm often, reminding us that we are alive and pumping oxygen-rich blood throughout our body. When we see enlarged veins, it is because the blood is flowing in the wrong direction and can be the first sign of health risks. Despite spider veins often meaning no harm, the appearance of these lines are often frustrating and lead many patients to result to surgery to remove them.


Surgeries, however, create heavy downtime and can be a very heavy expense. Lately, more and more patients are turning to new alternatives, such as Intense Pulse Light Treatments, or sometimes called Photofacials such as eMatrix can help reduce the appearance of the lines on the skin. Similar to removing acne scars, the pulsed waves reduce the pigment showing through the skin, and can disappear the blemish completely with several treatments. The treatment is non-invasive with no scaring and can dramatically change the way you see your legs.


Other methods to reduce the appearance of spider veins, is to hit the sun! Tanned or bronzed skin is the easiest, and quite possibly the most enjoyable way to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Although tanning requires more effort and consistency it is a quick fix to hide the veins, and as a bonus, spending more time relaxing outside. When tanning, or using formulas to get your summer glow, make sure to use proper skin care and sunscreen. Although tanning is an easy fix, going without protection puts you at risk of a sunburn or skin cancer.


Overall, eliminating the appearance of Spider Veins has been easier than ever. Call us today at407-881-3603 to see if our eMatrix treatment can eliminate the lines that have been bugging you, or visit us online to book a consultation and see what skin care options are perfect for your upcoming tanning session.




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