Stop the Spots! Dark Spot Prevention



Stop the Spots! Dark Spot Prevention


As we get older, we begin to lose some pigmentation, elasticity, and hydration in our skin leading to the appearance of dark spots. Dark spots often come from an overproduction of melanin leading to small darkened spots on the skin. Often, dark spots will appear as skin loses some of its protective cells, and this can be caused by acne scarring, or by intense hyperpigmentation caused by the sun. These spots can form over long periods of time, and some spots can appear overnight, and unfortunately, once they appear it can take up to 3-6 months, and in some severe cases even 24 months of intense skin care for them to dissipate. However, there are easy ways to prevent these troublesome spots from affecting your skin health.

  1. Don’t Pop Pimples

As easy as this sounds, it’s harder to not pop pimples than said. According to dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler, MD popping pimples are hard for people who want control of their skin. “The occasional popper or picker thinks they’re making themselves better — they think they’re helping.” The truth is, you are not. Although it is satisfying to know you are ridding yourself of a nuisance on your skin, you are creating problems later in the future. Popping pimples leads to the destruction of healthy skin when the inflamed skin is pushed and cut, blood cells rush to try and heal the skin, which results in scars. Some scars fade over time, and others will stay forever, creating dark spots in the future

  1. Sun Screen

The Sun is harsh, especially to the skin. Excessive sun exposure can lead to skin darkening, and if dark spots are already present, then it can make the spots darker and make it harder for them to fade over time. Putting on sunscreen, even when cloudy helps reduce inflammation of the skin caused by UV rays from the Sun as well as keeps skin protected consistently. A great tool is to start using makeup with an SPF in it, higher the SPF though, the better chance your skin has at staying healthy. Ask us about the medical grade sunscreen you can buy today!

  1. Have A Routine

The best way to rid current dark spots and preventing them is Derma rolling. Derma rollers are small micro needling, that creates tiny ‘injuries’ to the skin which in turn creates collagen, elastin, and the reduction of fine wrinkles. It reduces hyperpigmentation, which is the main cause of dark spots as we age. Moisturizing at night, as well as using a sleeping face mask will keep skin moisturized and help with elasticity.

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