Summer Recovery: Getting Skin Healthy for Fall



Summer Recovery: Getting Skin Healthy for Fall

Labor Day marks the end of summer, and the beginning of back to school season, and a new change in the way you treat your skin. Sking is often sub-kissed during the summer months, and those days in the sun can create severe hyperpigmentation with or without sunblock. As the last bit of that glowing tan fades, your skin begins to change just like the weather and humidity leading into the Fall season. With a new season, comes new dangers for your skin. Here are some of our favorite tips to help you recover from the summer, and to keep skin healthy and balanced for the Fall.

The proper after-care for summer skin

Generally, your skin should not be neglected at any time of the year. Nevertheless, it is particularly important to take intensive care of your skin after the summer and the annual beach holiday. Take this as an opportunity to have a professional beauty treatment at your aesthetician. Specifically speak about your needs and desires for your skin, whether that’s a glowing complexion or eliminating fine lines. Developing a plan now can help skin perform youthfully past Fall and into the Winter Holiday season.

Peelings restore radiance to the skin

Chemical peels dramatically improve the appearance of the skin no matter what season it is. However,  after the summer months of ‘fun in the sun’ chemical peels can address hyper-pigmentation, or damages from the sun on your skin. Chemical skin peels assist your body in “peeling” away old and unwanted skin cells, to speed up the regeneration process. The skin peel breaks the bonds between old, unwanted cells, making them “drop off”, to allow new cells to grow in their place. Overall, this eliminates the dead skin that summer has built up and gives a new glowing complexion for your new Fall look. When using a chemical peel it is important to follow up with your aesthetician, and address all your skin needs. Not all chemical peels treat skin equally and depending on your skin type a lighter chemical formula is needed rather than a higher concentration one.

For questions on what chemical peel is best for you, contact us for a free consultation and information.

Treat your skin with a moisture treatment

The sun is drying! If you have ever left a glass of water out, or a banana peel in the sun you know the sun burns out any moisture. The sun does the same with skin, drying and eliminating moisture from the skin. Time spent in the salty ocean, or by chlorine pools add to the decreasing moisture in the skin. Using a moisturizer can help decrease irritation  in the skin as well as reduce inflammation caused by intensive sun damage on the face and body. Using a light, non-greasy moisturizer is the best and participating in moisturizing facials allows the skin to ‘cool down’ from the summer months and helps it get ready to embrace cooler fall weather.

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