Winter Skin Tips



With the winter and dry, cold air coming in, there are some ways to prepare the skin to look its best.

Seek a Specialist

A specialist, like a dermatologist or esthetician, will be able to pinpoint exactly what your skin needs this season and can correctly recommend what can be done. These specialists also know what skincare products to recommend and what would suit you best and at what price range. This is where Liza Glickman comes in with her expertise. She will able to help you figure out what treatment would be perfect for your skin condition.


Choosing the right moisturizer will pack the skin will all the hydration it needs to survive the winter. The right moisturizer should be oil based that will create a layer on the skin that retains the moisture. Choose the oils carefully because there are oils that clog the pores. Oils that don’t clog the pores are avocado oil, primrose oil, or almond oil. There are many serums


Sunscreen should not be discarded after the summer. Winter sun and snow glare is just as damaging. Always apply sunscreen before going outside. We have some skincare products that will provide just the sun protection that would be sufficient for the winter.

Give Your Hands Some Love

To make sure your hands stay hydrated and looking young, they need to be constantly moisturized especially in the cold. Without moisture, the skin will itch and crack.

Hook Up a Humidifier

Heating systems blast hot, dry hair and a humidifier will add more moisture into the air to prevent the skin from drying out.

Stay Away from Hot Baths

Hot baths are terrible for the skin because the hot water breaks down the lipid barriers of the skin and cause a loss of moisture. To solve dry skin, try a lukewarm bath with oatmeal or baking soda.

These tips can save you during the winter and make sure your skin doesn’t stray from perfection.


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