It’s More Than Just Age That Effects Your Skin



It’s More Than Just Age That Effects Your Skin: Estrogen Levels Is Healthy Skin’s Worst Enemy

Age is just a number- and it shouldn’t be the number worrying you! Both men and women age, however, they do it very differently than one another, and its often to do with chemical imbalances happening within the body. As women age, they lose 84% of her estrogen between the ages of 26-72, and these lower estrogen levels can cause major effects on skin elasticity, moisture retention, and discoloration. Estrogen loss cannot be avoided as we age, but there are ways to combat its effects on skin health.

Your 20’s

Being in your 20’s is a golden era for skin health. Estrogen levels are at the most stable and are not to drop until early 30’s; however, this is the perfect time to ensure healthy skin for the upcoming years. The skin at this age has two structural proteins- collagen and elastin. At this point, your skin is making collagen continuously. To care for skin at this stage requires a daily cleanser and moisturizer and exfoliating carefully. Once a week exfoliation, as well as Dermaplaning every two weeks, allows the removal the excess of dead skin cells often sit on top of newly made collagen and elastin cells- keeping skin smooth and flawless. It is important to note that although exfoliation is vital for skin health at this time, scrubs and harsh chemicals can penetrate the skin and kill new cells, leading to breakouts and acne scars.

The 30’s and 40’s

At this point, Estrogen levels are starting their rapid decline.  Exfoliation is even more vital to skin health now, as your skin begins to lose more cells than they replace- and at a rapid rate. The loss of estrogen decreases the rate your collagen and elastin produce, leading to a dryer and looser skin. Lack of estrogen at this point is more damaging to your skin health than the sun! Adult acne is likely to occur, and skin begins to lose their elasticity. Sublative chemical peels rejuvenate and tighten skin, combating the loss of elastin proteins in the skin, and help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by loss of elasticity in the skin. Doing chemical peels should be done twice monthly, and with continued use of proper skin moisturization daily, will help give skin that glowing fresh feel and look.

50’s and More

During your 30’s and 40’s the estrogen in the average women has decreased significantly, and by the time a woman is 55 she has lost up to 80% of the estrogen in her body, and a 30% decrease in collagen production. To help keep skin young, consistency is key. Weekly exfoliation, an antioxidant moisturizer, and using proper UV protectant and keep skin radiant. Constant anti-aging regimens are the key to healthy skin success, moisturizing in the night and morning provides refreshment to parched skin. To speed up the recovery process, participating in Ematrix and other sublative rejuvenation monthly can aid the skin in regaining its elasticity and providing a younger complexion.

Unfortunately, there is little we can do to prevent the loss of estrogen in women’s bodies. Combating the effects of proper skin care can reverse some of the harmful effects on skin, and help maintain glowing youth.

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