The Best Sculpting For Your Booty!



The best sculpting for your booty!

The heat is on! With summer fast approaching, we are looking to get into tip-top shape, and that includes our backside! Whether your butt is too small, too big, or just not keeping up with those Kardashians, there is a non invasive procedure to give your behind the ultimate sculpt!

Women who live in warmer, more skin-prone areas, are the ones most concerned with achieving the perfect butt. Injections are a common way to achieve a bigger/fuller behind, but it comes with a painful price tag. Butt injections are basically fat taken from your back or hips and injected into your butt – sounds painful, doesn’t it? Like injections aren’t enough, some women strive for the ultimate lift with an actual butt lift procedure. This extremely invasive procedure requires a silicon implant to be placed inside the body and, unfortunately, leaves scarring.

So why go through painful injections or surgery to achieve the perfect, fuller butt when you can try Velashape!

Velashape uses a combination of three techniques in one to eliminate fat with heat, reshape and tighten simultaneously. Did we mention it’s completely non-invasive?! Time to ditch the idea of expensive and painful filler injections and make an appointment today for a FREE Velashape consultation and demonstration!


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