Botox Not Giving You The Results You Thought? Try This Instead!



Is Botox not working for you or giving you the results it once was? Here are some things to try!

Just like any topical treatments you may put on your skin, neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport & Xeomin) may stop working like they used to. Our skin may become immune to certain treatments and injections. We can become immune to medications over time with frequent use. There may be more than one reason too!

Many dermatologists suggest that the our skin can stop reacting to injections and neuromodulators for several reasons. Even though these products are the best on the market, over time you may not see the same results as you first did. With clients who have been getting treatments for long periods of time, some patients don’t see the results due to the laxity of their skin as they age. They could also be getting an incorrect dosage of the treatment. If surrounding muscles go untreated or injections are placed incorrectly, that could also be reasons for lack of results.

When your routine treatments aren’t doing it for you anymore and your over-the-counter wrinkle cream needs to be tossed, there are other options for you! You could simply switch to another neuromodulator, or start treatments in areas of the face that haven’t been treated. If you want to switch entirely from injections, there are many medical skin-care procedures that will achieve brighter, wrinkle-free skin. Dermaplaning and frequent peels are a sure way to get rid of dead skin cells and bring out the brightness and clarity of your skin. Both treatments ultimately bringing your skin back to life.

What to try instead?

For a results-driven procedure that in non-invasive and has proven to get rid of wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring, look no further eMatrix! eMatrix is a sublative skin treatment that targets the cells below the epidermis and uses heat to rejuvenate those cells and the skin. With a quick treatment to the desired area once every 4 weeks, you will start to see results immediately.

So maybe it’s time to ditch the injections and look for a more proven wrinkle-free treatment! Call us today to learn more and schedule a FREE consultation and demonstration 407-881-3603!


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