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Body After Baby

For many women, the beautiful experience of pregnancy and childbirth can be followed by an overall increase in skin laxity and dissatisfaction with body image.
VelaShape™ contours and shapes the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 to 6 treatments sessions.* VelaShape has been cleared by the FDA and provides visible results without downtime or significant discomfort.*

Experience a proven non-surgical alternative to liposuction. (*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.)

Before & Afters

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Body After Baby Treatment

VelaShape is one of the safest and most effective ways of reducing cellulite. It is FDA approved, non-surgical and non-invasive and effective on all skin types and all skin colors. There is absolutely no downtime which means you can return to your daily activities immediately following treatment.

Stretch Marks? We’ve got you covered!

  • 95% of women are affected by stretch marks during puberty or pregnancy.
  • 90% of all pregnant women develop stretch marks on either their breasts and/or abdomen by the third trimester.
  • only up to 5% of the epidermis is effected by the eMatrix treatment, healing is rapid and downtime is minimal.

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What areas can I treat?

All areas of the body, but the areas most women like to treat post- pregnancy are the abdomen, thighs buttocks.*

What can I expect?

Results based on studies focused on post-pregnant women show an average treatment circumferential reduction of 2.9 inches on the abdomen and 2.3 inches on the buttocks.*

Does treatment hurt?

Most patients find VelaShape comfortable – like a warm deep tissue massage. The treatment is designed to accommodate your sensitivity and comfort level. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours post treatment. Your skin may also appear red for several hours. (*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.)

Is it safe?

Treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and colors.* There are no reported short-or long-term health effects.

How quickly can I start treatments?

Post childbirth. Your physician will be able to advise you on the right time to start treatment.

80% of all women over the age of 20 have cellulite, regardless of size or shape.* The appearance of cellulite can be especially stubborn to treat after pregnancy, regardless of exercise and proper eating habits.*

VelaShape is the only FDA cleared treatment that safely delivers heat into the fatty tissue to reduce cellulite and reshape the body.*

Client Stories

“After my baby was born, I was so unhappy with my stomach and all the extra skin. Liza performed her recommended amount of treatments on me and, wow, what an improvement. I am not embarrassed by me stomach area any more. A real confidence booster!”*

– BF, Casselberry, FL (*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.)

“I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy and after losing most of it, I had bad stretch marks. the Velashape treatments have done a GREAT job to the point that I don’t even notice them anymore.* I am very happy with the results.”*

– KW, Lake Mary, FL (*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.)

“She’s the absolute best at what she does and I always look forward to my next appointment. I’ve had huge improvements from my before pictures to now one treatment away from my last, my stretch marks have decreased in visibility drastically and my tummy is no longer bloated looking. I love the way it looks now.

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