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Add Fullness to Your Lackluster Lashes with Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Having long, full eyelashes is a cosmetic goal for many men and women, but not everyone is born with this trait. While eye pens and other makeups exist to create the same effect, this method can become expensive and time-consuming.* Eyelash extensions are a more permanent solution with less maintenance throughout the day and no worry that you will “smudge” the appearance.*

We ensure professional service and superior quality results that will provide the enhancement you need to improve your eyelashes without compromising your natural beauty.*

How are Eyelash Extension Procedures Performed?

Prior to your scheduled appointment, we will evaluate your existing eyelashes and completely customize your treatment to your desired length, curl, and overall appearance. This is a relaxing, comfortable procedure where men and women lie down in one of our luxurious treatment rooms while we carefully apply the semi-permanent lashes to your lash line. Unlike over-the-counter lash extensions that involve messy glues and fake lashes that do not always appear natural, our professional eyelash extension treatments will leave you feeling subtly enhanced.*

Eyelash Extensions for Men

What Results Can I Expect from Eyelash Extensions?

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